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Natural and Organic Bone and Joint Supplement, My Perfect Bones

It’s a major issue affecting thousands of people each year – joint pain, and bone loss.

Gigi Stetler knew all about it after she was in a horse accident and broke her knee, only to suffer from a shattered ankle two years later. In an effort to help not only herself, but many others Gigi Stetler created My Perfect Bones an all natural and organic supplement, along with My Perfect Joints which cures joint pain and is also proven to feed and nourish the cartilage in joints. Had Gigi not taken My Perfect Bones, she would have had surgery to pin and screw her ankle in the correct placement.

But the story didn’t begin with Gigi. The start of all this natural supplement line was the outcome of many years of love, expertise, and the determination to continue a meaningful existence. Nutritional Biochemist Jay D. Foster, a Licensed Nutrition Counselor and Certified Clinical Nutritionist blended all the natural supplements to restore Gigi’s Grandmother’s hip. After attentively following Foster’s daily regime for a year, Granny’s bone density test came back normal. Today her bone density is now at a level normally expected in a healthy young woman. Find out more at MyPerfectBones.com.