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Guilt-free UnDiet

Maintaining a healthy and tasty diet can seem like a struggle at times, but luckily “The UnDiet Cookbook” has found the secret ingredients to balance this recipe.  This book is filled with different meal options, drinks, sauces, and even deserts to leave you satisfied with savory tastes and non-existent food guilt.

Many people associate the word “diet” as a negative, but the “undiet” aspect frees you from all of that lack of enthusiasm. Surrounded by fast food chains, constant unhealthy quick fixes, and lack of experience in the kitchen can discourage people. This book helps abolish eating norms we think we should abide by in our everyday lives. The number one person of importance in your life is yourself, its vital you feed yourself the right fuel in the right ways. The 130 gluten-free, dairy free, and in many cases vegan free recipes help, promote, and even encourage a healthier lifestyle.


According to nutritionist Megan Telpner , she says it IS possible to feel your best while eating appetizing food.  The book is structured with a breakdown of the ingredients to use, prep, cook time, serving size, and even a tasteful picture to give you an idea of the finished product. Megan Telpner does a great job by simplifying these intimidating steps to a successful diet.

Written by Tylar Feller