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Bel Essence – Ring a Bell?

Bel Essence

Nature makes the best things in life!! Including ingredients in Bel Essence anti aging cream! Natural oils containing important vitamins, fatty acids and anti-oxidants reduce fine lines and wrinkles and hydrate your skin all day. These oils contain vital nutrients to help it repair, rejuvenate and retain its youth and glow. The Bel Essence Anti Aging, Anti Wrinkle Cream gives your skin an instant boost in softness and suppleness, and with regular use, it will soften problem dry patches, improve your skin’s appearance and restore its youthful glow. So Hydrate and Restore!

I’ll Take All The Choline I Can!

Anti Aging!  You hear it everywhere these days, as we all try to keep our mind and body -looking and thinking young!


Choline is becoming high in demand 2015+ as Choline supports the brain during aging, and helps prevent brain chemistry changes that result in cognitive decline, as well as other body functions.

Foods containing high levels of choline – liver, eggs, and organ meats— has decreased in recent years where “diets” have knocked some of these food categories out, it’s something to look into as a supplement.

Choline supplements can be found at:

  • GNC’s Choline, Women’s Ultra Mega®
  • ONE A DAY ® VitaCraves Adult Multivitamin Gummies
  • Enfamil Expecta® Prenatal Dietary Supplement
  • Nature’s Bounty: Optimal Solutions® Extra Strength Hair, Skin and Nails
  • Kirkland Chewables (Costco)
  • Twinlab Super Choline

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Jeunesse® Your Skin!

Scouring the aisles at your local drug store for the latest in skin care? Spending hours researching anti-aging products online that barely skim the surface? How about trying a product that combines the natural powers of Tara and Chicory root to instantly lift and hydrate skin!

Jeunesse® is a global business helping people to not only reach their skin care needs but to reach their full potential in embracing life. Being the only company to offer new stem cell technology, Jeunesse® offers a product system that works at the cellular level, restoring skin’s natural beauty and youth.  Offering three product lines including Luminesce, nutrition and innovation, Jeunesse® offers products for every age to rejuvenate, recapture, and discover your beautiful skin.


Visit Jeunesse® to find out more about the Jeunesse® product that fits your unique skin type and start enjoying your skins youthful glow!

Written by Joseph Loglisci

A4M Red Carpet Roll Out of Wellness!

DietarySupplementNews.com had the pleasure of attending the recent A4M 22nd Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging, Regenerative & Aesthetic Medicine in Orlando, at the city within a hotel, Gaylord Hotel!

DSC_0022  DSC_0019  DSC_0054  DSC_0173

The red carpet lined aisles we’re filled with health conscience people either walking about to meet and find synergies of working together in the industry or about to open their doors and wanted to let the industry know they are there.  Above you’ll see the booth of Wellness & Hormones Centers of America, about to open their 3rd of many locations in Boca Raton (5030 Champion Blvd at The Polo Shoppes) slated for Monday, September 8th 11am -1pm (join them for a noon ribbon cutting) where they’ve partnered for the “Tour the Center” with www.GlobetrotterMarathon.org, a charity dedicated to providing a unique experience for severely disabled veterans.  Congrats to this wonderful group whose mission is to focus on dramatically improving peoples’ lives through customized wellness and health programs to help people feel young, be young.

Please enjoy these wonderful images of so many people from Anti-Aging Doctors to Fitness Experts, Inventors to Alternative Therapists, and many more that attended and were all there for your well-being!  #Share!




Photo Credit: Michael Razler

Dr Knows Best!

DrVita Six Daily Advanced Multi-Vitamin provides your body with over 100 essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fermented whole foods, herbs and other powerful nutrients to promote anti-aging, healthy energy production, good cardiovascular and immunity. These nutrients include effective dosages of alpha lipoic acid, magnesium, B-complex and CoQ10 for healthy energy production, standardized green tea equivalent to five cups of tea to protect cells from damaging free radicals and resveratrol found in red wine that are missing entirely in most multi formulations.

Six Daily also contains 10X higher levels of vitamin D3 when compared to others based on recent studies showing this is the amount required for optimal blood levels to promote healthy bones, cellular health and immunity.

Kusmi Tea For Two!

Tea for two…not really, Tea for all!

The benefits of Tea are endless when you think about it!  From wellness to social drinking (even gives you a feel of royalty) and also Anti-Aging to Anti-Oxidants.   With over 65 unique high quality blends,  from classic flavors and exclusive Russian blends to a full line of Wellness teas, Kusmi Tea is a world renowned tea company founded in 1867 that offers many tastes for many preferences.

With a selection of names like Detox, Sweet Love, Be Cool, Boost, and Euphoria sparks many to try Kusmi Tea.

Whether it’s the taste, flavor or aroma, you had me at Be Cool!

Kusmi Tea started in St. Petersburg, Russia by Pavel Michailovitch Kousmichoff, then branched to Paris, London, Berlin, Moscow, Constantinople and Parisian flagship store on the famous Champs Élysées as well as their second New York store at the Plaza Hotel’s Food Hall.

Kusmi Tea has true quality flavors that have created sophisticated, unique, and comtemporary teas.  Enjoy!