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Inside Out!

Clear Skin Detox Diet by Lauren Talbot, CN is put together with great thought and study because of the unique categories she takes into consideration.  A rundown of your “daily routine” is a terrific way to keep track of your skin, but even more important, what to do when you are out and about! There’s many suggestions for ordering at restaurants and alternative suggestions and combinations that will help keep you looking and feeling great from the inside out.

If you decide to give this book a try, thumb over to Chapter 5 on “Supplemental Practices” where she mentions that they are NOT “one size fits all!”  Aligning appropriately is important.  This is a great book for some information you might not have thought of and might just make sense to help you along for better skin.  Don’t give into those cravings either, just flip to that section and read up!

Your Body, Yoga-Body

In “The Yoga-Body Cleanse”, Robin Westen guides readers through a life-changing transition, eliminating the unhealthy choices many make on a daily basis.

The book begins with why “cleaning up your act” is necessary, and  what foods to avoid when cleansing your body. Ms. Westen also incorporates a survey into the book, allowing the reader to answer about fifty questions with Never, Occasionally and Frequently. At the end of the section, the reader tallies up their score and Westen provides them with an explanation of what their total means for their toxicity level.

The previous section builds up to the changing of the reader’s lifestyle which Westen begins with Ayurvedics. In short, these are principles that detox a person’s body and leave them feeling rejuvenated. She uses Ayurvedics along with the seven step program illustrated in the next chapter to prepare the reader for the “7-Day Yoga Body Cleanse”.

This “Cleanse” instructs the reader to diet intelligently, eating scrumptious foods with extremely beneficial vitamins and nutrients that strengthen the body and leave it satisfied. Using Yoga along with the dieting tools provided by Westen, the body will be relieved of toxins, endure less stress, and increase mental awareness and performance.

An excerpt from the book; “Partaking in the Yoga-Body Cleanse and renewing your precious self is not a one-time event….Once you’re aware of the toxicity and temptations, and you’ve gained the tools and commitment to change the way you live, a new and beautiful reality opens. Now you’re fully alive.” (Robin Westen)

written by Nicholas Messina

Kusmi Tea For Two!

Tea for two…not really, Tea for all!

The benefits of Tea are endless when you think about it!  From wellness to social drinking (even gives you a feel of royalty) and also Anti-Aging to Anti-Oxidants.   With over 65 unique high quality blends,  from classic flavors and exclusive Russian blends to a full line of Wellness teas, Kusmi Tea is a world renowned tea company founded in 1867 that offers many tastes for many preferences.

With a selection of names like Detox, Sweet Love, Be Cool, Boost, and Euphoria sparks many to try Kusmi Tea.

Whether it’s the taste, flavor or aroma, you had me at Be Cool!

Kusmi Tea started in St. Petersburg, Russia by Pavel Michailovitch Kousmichoff, then branched to Paris, London, Berlin, Moscow, Constantinople and Parisian flagship store on the famous Champs Élysées as well as their second New York store at the Plaza Hotel’s Food Hall.

Kusmi Tea has true quality flavors that have created sophisticated, unique, and comtemporary teas.  Enjoy!