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Green Goo 4U!

Green Goo is more than a product, it’s a community!  They have a responsible and dedicated give-back model that every product produced should have.  This brilliant woman-owned, family-operated business based out of Lyons, Colorado brings “farm to farm-acy” by carefully selecting only the purest, most sustainable herbs and essential oils.
Their products range from skin repairing salves to nourishing lip balms, softening bath soaps and so much more.  The soap really leaves you feeling good and creates an experience knowing that money is immediately going to a cause!

Rosemary & Lavender Essential Oils — As you may know, Rosemary has natural antiseptic properties, with nutrients that help protect skin cells from damage. Lavender soothes itchy, dry, sensitive, inflamed skin, while helping the body’s healing process.  This powerful combination provides immediate relief for eczema symptoms.

Their products were used to help heal at the Hargeisa Orphan Center in Somalia, to provide 600+ patients with pre-medical care in Honduras, as well as many other worthy causes worldwide. Some of the organizations they’ve partnered with are: World Vision, Mercy in Action, Mandela Foundation, Snowball Express, Summit for Soldiers, the Pacific Crest Trail, and John Hopkins, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Green Goo also partnered with Keep a Breast Foundation and Non-toxic revolution Donating $.05 per each sale – so get soaped up!

Nourishing Biologicals

Nourishing Biological products have changed the faces of many people struggling with damaged skin and wrinkles with age. Not only does it work as a rejuvinating treatment but also works to repair tough scars. These products include key ingredients that help both men and women who are looking to look better and feel better. The facial Serum and the eye cream work perfectly together to give you a great results of youthful looking skin. It generates new skin cells, repairs damanged skin, and thickens the skin in order to protect it from damaging factors. These creams also work to reduce dark circles and inflammation that will help you feel younger and give your skin a healthier look. The products make you feel comfortable in your own skin and bring phenomenal results to any client. Below are images of a customer who used Nourishing Biologicals to deal with tough scars and is happy and confident with her results.



Check out the product:

Inside Out!

Clear Skin Detox Diet by Lauren Talbot, CN is put together with great thought and study because of the unique categories she takes into consideration.  A rundown of your “daily routine” is a terrific way to keep track of your skin, but even more important, what to do when you are out and about! There’s many suggestions for ordering at restaurants and alternative suggestions and combinations that will help keep you looking and feeling great from the inside out.

If you decide to give this book a try, thumb over to Chapter 5 on “Supplemental Practices” where she mentions that they are NOT “one size fits all!”  Aligning appropriately is important.  This is a great book for some information you might not have thought of and might just make sense to help you along for better skin.  Don’t give into those cravings either, just flip to that section and read up!

Skin Matters!

It’s amazing to think that 100 million Americans can expect to experience the pain and discomfort of sunburn this year. That sun of ours has some powerful rays!

FirstDegree and SunBurnt should be found in everyone’s medicine cabinet, since we know that the sun is out even when it looks like it’s not!  A quick relief to pain and help for healing damaged skin, is worth that spot on the shelf!

It’s not always the sun, here’s a small list of the many burns out there; Windburn , Ozone Depletion, Skiing and mountain climbing, Small airplanes (yep!),  Antibiotics,  Acne Medicines, Long distance auto travel, Partly cloudy days and even Snowy days.   Both products are effective for relief of such sunburn symptoms as burning, peeling and the general discomfort of overexposed skin.

You can find these at most pharmacies or food stores (over the counter) and here’s a testimonial; “We like to think of SunBurnt as the official sunburn treatment of summer,” said Avani Kanubaddi, President and CEO of Welmedix.

You should also know (and they list the ingredients on their website) are the homeopathic official burn creams of summer and back to school.   Its natural homeopathic extracts act safely and effectively to (1) cool overheated skin, (2) soothe and hydrate skin, and (3) reduce the appearance of unsightly redness & peeling for adults and children.