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Feel the Sunshine!

Nature's Sunshine Power Beets
Nature’s Sunshine Power Beets

Nature’s Sunshine truly shines on energy, stamina, focus, fatigue, blood pressure levels (in the normal range), and supports gut and immune health! A super way to have a superfood…mix it up and feel the day!

Make your day above average;

There’s even a Health Assessment opportunity;

Balance=complete well-being!

Promoting healthy hair and nail growth is helping to feel good/look good! JIVOME adds five elements to their formula; Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Ether…that’s a lot of support right there!

Embrace a dermatologist-created formula in promoting healthy hair and nail growth.


Jivome is a leading holistic health supplement line and online education platform dedicated to empowering individuals on their journey towards optimal health and wellness. Founded by board-certified dermatologists, its mission is to provide safe, effective and scientifically-backed supplements that nurture and revitalize the skin, gut, mind, body and soul.

Countless hours of research and a deep understanding of the body’s intricate internal ecosystem have paved the way for Jivome Hair + Nail Support. Each ingredient was meticulously chosen for its proven efficacy in promoting hair and nail health. From nurturing the scalp microbiome to fortifying hair follicles and stimulating growth, our formula stands as a testament to our unwavering pursuit of excellence.  More details at

Stick With ECOLIFE Plastic-Free Tape

Tape It! An ECO household tape with just as much sticking power and dispensing force, it’s time to ditch the others. Every aspect of the product, from the packaging to the dispenser and the tape itself is 100% plastic-free, ahh now that sticks!

Blue Lake Packaging, developing affordable, sustainable, fiber-based alternatives to everyday products, invest in your sticky future!

 Blue Lake ECOLIFE Plastic-Free Tape and Dispenser ( is made from a fusion of wood and cotton fiber. It’s holiday season, enjoy that great feeling of wrapping using eco-friendly products!

All of Us!

The names says all of us, our whole lives… Angels & Tomboys! These products aim to make you feel good!

Plant based formulas created by Created by Sisters Madison and Mallory have pulled together fantastic ingredients for your face and body.

Take a soak and see for yourself, or make it a gift to the angel or tomboy in your life!

They are also supporters of wildlife conservation and give back!

Get your Glamour on! Shop Angels & Tomboys Products

That Bath is The Bomb!

Who doesn’t love a bath…add a bomb and you’ll feel even more relaxed and pampered!

Magnolia Soap & Bath Co started with a quest for sensitive skin products by a mom named Magen! Magnolia Soap & Bath Co products are made with natural ingredients and certainly with love!

Using ingredients such as shea and cocoa butter and oils like olive oil, which help hydrate and soothe your skin, a wonderful gift for anyone including yourself.

The stores are adorable and inviting by the look of the images!

A shop and drop, into pampering yourself!


First, watch this great video, you’ll want to do what Maggie Q. is doing!

Your health is what truly matters… from the inside out–ACTIVATEDYOU™ knows this! Your digestive system relies on you to do the right thing, AY is here to help!

So what will it be…check it out below and get your own video going, you’ll have the energy to get it done!

Advanced Restorative Probiotic †

(30 Strain Probiotic)

Morning Complete®†

Daily Wellness Drink

M E N O P A U S E!

Truly helpful to eat right during holidays…and this will help!

Going through Menopause is not an easy part of life, but there’s great resources like “Weight Loss Plan for Menopause” by Yara Green!

It’s a cookbook and informative handbook in one – that you’ll feel relieved to stay ahead of symptoms that shouldn’t change the course of your day!

The book has definitions that some might already be familiar with, otherwise a great learning tool.

Think of your family and friends and pop on BN to order!

Fantastic Plantastic!

A plant-based diet, can you imagine how good you will feel?  It’s real and it’s here for you thanks to GWEN KENNEALLY.  A true inspiration from Lentils to Zucchini, Gazpacho to Asparagus…The Plantastic Cookbook is right in tune with our rapidly changing world yearning for sustainablility and accountability.  

A wonderful tasty gift or for your cookbook collection to break out and plan easy to follow delicious meals!

Do not, I repeat, do not forget Papa’s Chocolate Avocado Pudding…this is a invite your friends over and enjoy!