You Are A Chef!

ChefEat makes cooking easy…from prep to cleaning! This is a must have for everyone working in the kitchen. The health factor of their all food safe, odor-resistant, BPA Free material is superior and carefully created for your safety.

ChefEat light weight cutting board protects you as well as your counter tops and it’s so easy to clean and store. This makes cutting and cooking a joy all around. Even if you are slicing up that cheese cake for desert, make you life easier!

Go ahead, choice your knife, it will accommodate!

Whether for you, family member or friend, this is a gift they will appreciate…and don’t forget your colleagues! Get it on Amazon before your next meal.

ZEAL…Daily For Life!

Zurvita Zeal For Life Wild Berry
Zurvita Zeal For Life Wild Berry

Take a good look, because the package says it all, and when you open, mix and drink…you’ll feel it all! Get on the health kick and add some ZEAL to your life! The flavors are so delicious, Bold Grape, Mango, Wild Berry, Tropic Dream are all truly amazing!

Check out their checklist of health minded formulation and get your energy boost – indulge your body…ZEAL for life:

  • Original Classic Formula, Vegan and Guarana Free options
  • Overall, Health and Wellness Support: Biotin, vitamins B12, C, D, and E, iron, magnesium, zinc, essential amino acids; and more.
  • Made with Over 25 Natural Botanical Raw Ingredients: Stabilized rice bran, maca root, grape seed, wild blueberry, acai berry, ashwagandha, chlorella, goji berry, milk thistle, moringa, red ginseng, turmeric, and more.
  • Low-calorie healthy energy drink mix from guarana, green tea, and yerba mate extracts.
  • Contains ZERO: Artificial flavors, coloring, sweeteners, preservatives, binders, fillers, dyes, or unknown substances.
  • Clinically Studied: In an independent clinical study*, results showed that, by drinking two servings of Zeal a day, 85% of healthy participants experienced improved overall mood and a 23% increase in vigor and activity, as well as less anxiety and fatigue. See the full study, here.
  • Always Third-Party Lab Tested: Informed Choice certified with high-quality standardized checks in a GMP certified facility.

Feel the Sunshine!

Nature's Sunshine Power Beets
Nature’s Sunshine Power Beets

Nature’s Sunshine truly shines on energy, stamina, focus, fatigue, blood pressure levels (in the normal range), and supports gut and immune health! A super way to have a superfood…mix it up and feel the day!

Make your day above average;

There’s even a Health Assessment opportunity;

Balance=complete well-being!

Promoting healthy hair and nail growth is helping to feel good/look good! JIVOME adds five elements to their formula; Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Ether…that’s a lot of support right there!

Embrace a dermatologist-created formula in promoting healthy hair and nail growth.


Jivome is a leading holistic health supplement line and online education platform dedicated to empowering individuals on their journey towards optimal health and wellness. Founded by board-certified dermatologists, its mission is to provide safe, effective and scientifically-backed supplements that nurture and revitalize the skin, gut, mind, body and soul.

Countless hours of research and a deep understanding of the body’s intricate internal ecosystem have paved the way for Jivome Hair + Nail Support. Each ingredient was meticulously chosen for its proven efficacy in promoting hair and nail health. From nurturing the scalp microbiome to fortifying hair follicles and stimulating growth, our formula stands as a testament to our unwavering pursuit of excellence.  More details at

Stick With ECOLIFE Plastic-Free Tape

Tape It! An ECO household tape with just as much sticking power and dispensing force, it’s time to ditch the others. Every aspect of the product, from the packaging to the dispenser and the tape itself is 100% plastic-free, ahh now that sticks!

Blue Lake Packaging, developing affordable, sustainable, fiber-based alternatives to everyday products, invest in your sticky future!

 Blue Lake ECOLIFE Plastic-Free Tape and Dispenser ( is made from a fusion of wood and cotton fiber. It’s holiday season, enjoy that great feeling of wrapping using eco-friendly products!

All of Us!

The names says all of us, our whole lives… Angels & Tomboys! These products aim to make you feel good!

Plant based formulas created by Created by Sisters Madison and Mallory have pulled together fantastic ingredients for your face and body.

Take a soak and see for yourself, or make it a gift to the angel or tomboy in your life!

They are also supporters of wildlife conservation and give back!

Get your Glamour on! Shop Angels & Tomboys Products

Tea That Makes You Want To Whistle!

The Whistling Kettle Tea makes you want to whistle since your taste buds are spoiled with amazing flavorful sips! Raise your pinky and delve into some Chocolate Chai…or perhaps some fruity tea – Raspberry Cherry Compote. Cap off the night with a Chamomile Bilberry Bliss!

Tea is always a great idea!

Forget tea for two, these teas reach the masses!

Read more about their tea procurement and testing.

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