Careful, Miss!

Gummies, Good for entire family!

Yummie and good to go! Prunelax Gummies are a vegan and gluten-free supplement for occasional constipation for ages four to adult, taste great and keeps you moving!

Prune Gummies!

Careful, Miss!

Careful, Miss!

Dying your hair? Curling? Even shampoo (not to mention that snoring partner can help) suds, keeping your ears dry and safe just got Miss EASY Careful! Silicone with wire memory, easy to pack and keep handy!

To Miss Careful!

You Are Goddess!

You Are Goddess!

Wash before cleansing your intimate area...think Goddess Detox! Oils to wash, the brand caters to cleansing and refreshing!


VITEYES Blue Light Defender

The “Eyes” Have It!

From Tears, Blue Light Defender to Natural Astaxanthin – these products are carefully formulated to assist your eyes in various ways including; stimulating tear production, defenses our eyes have against the harmful effects of blue light and boosting health. Eye Eye Captain!

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Good Made Great Elderberry Immune Support

Good & Great!!

Yum!  These packets are high in health benefits, low in sugar content and calories. Their tasty Power to the Coffee is a collagen-based dietary supplement for coffee drinkers. Non-GMO and health-supporting ingredients that are free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, including all-natural low-calorie sweeteners such as monk fruit, stevia, and erythritol.

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go-digest booklet and bottle

Go, go, go!

Lessen the gas and bloating that are commonly associated with eating difficult-to-digest foods; Improve digestion and nutrient absorption from the foods you eat; Support regularity and normal bowel movements; Help protect against occasional constipation or diarrhea;Promote a healthy heart; Support cardiovascular health; Stimulate a healthy balance of microflora in the gut; Support a healthy immune […]

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Flexuron for joint support and nutrition:Krill Oil: This omega-3 powerhouse delivers the soothing comfort your joints crave.* Flexuron’s krill oil is rich in phospholipids to maximize absorption power – and it raises your Omega-3 Index!Hyaluronic Acid: H.A. is the gel-like “shock absorber” in the joint matrix, helping to lubricate and cushion your natural movements.* The […]

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Beating OCD and ANXIETY

Beating It!

Beating OCD and Anxiety helps supporters to understand the nature of these conditions and why tackling them is so difficult. It also talks about how sufferers can work with their supporters, and what they can do to make the most of the help available. Beating OCD and Anxiety : 75 Tried and Tested Strategies […]

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Three Hermits

Three Hermits!

Fenugreek, Ashwagandha, Nirgundi – Look up all three and read the healing, balance and stimulation in all three! Lovers!

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Koreselect Immune and Energy

The Liquid Boost!

Koreselect Collections blend of Eastern Asian herbs technology combined with the Western’s cutting edge science technology to extract and provide twice the potencyand give you that extra boost to support your Kore Immune System!  Tasty too! Think Stamina, Menopause, Circulation, Immune and more…in convenient packages!!

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VOUS Vitamin Mountain Rescue

Mountain Rescue!

Altitudes are the new terrains of life! An adventure blend of nutrients to support your optimal health is key…Prepare Yourself for Higher Altitudes!!

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