Enjoy Soy!

If your snacking downfall is that you usually reach for calorie-laden convenience foods or don’t have healthful treats readily available, there’s good news as well as good eating in your future.  Love Your Health® brand SoyMix is as convenient as it is craveable, and just may become your new favorite snack. At only 120 calories per serving, it offers 7 grams of protein and only 40 mg of sodium, with no cholesterol or trans fats.

You can feel good about indulging your cravings for Love Your Health® SoyMix, because it’s filled with healthful ingredients. The mix starts with a trio of soynut varieties—all-natural, premium quality soynuts that have been dry-roasted using a proprietary technique. You’ll love the combination of lightly sea-salted soynuts, dark chocolate-covered soynuts and honey-toasted soynuts, blended with U.S.-grown pumpkin seeds and Sweet n’ Juicy dried cranberries. While SoyMix is a satisfying solo snack, you can also pair it with fresh fruit or soy yogurt. Keep it on hand for grab-and-go treats for the whole family. SoyMix also serves as a natural choice for an easy and memorable party snack. Serve it alone, or with a cheese plate.

To order online or for more product information about Love Your Health® SoyMix, visit loveyourhealth.info.

Lift Your Food Down!

Dieting is… HARD! by Shauna Dolan

You sit down with your family at dinner time, with not so healthy dinner favorites and your only thought is: “I am going to have a rough workout ahead of me after I eat all of this food.”

Well, now that thought doesn’t have to taunt you as you try to enjoy a family dinner.  With the Knife and Fork Lift eating utensils, eating doesn’t have to be a battle.

The Knife and Fork Lift utensils weigh 1.5 Ibs each and act as a dumbbell while you’re eating. You can eat and have a reminder that whatever you put in, you will need to put out.

Lifting food will be like doing bicep curls so you will be gaining strength and be reminded of your dieting and fitness goals.

Just don’t use them on your glass tabletop!  And, don’t drop your forklift.

Getting Pregnant, Processed Foods, Environmental Toxins…Oh My!

Could it be that women today are having a harder time getting pregnant because of environmental toxins or consumption of processed foods?

Recognized expert on women’s health and the Executive Director of the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine Victoria Maizes, M.D. offers an integrative and hands-on approach to getting pregnant, having a happy and healthy pregnancy and delivering a healthy child.

BE FRUITFUL: The Essential Guide to Maximizing Fertility and Giving Birth to a Healthy Child


The Essential Guide To Maximizing Fertility and Giving Birth to a Healthy Child
by Victoria Maizes, M.D.

Women today may have a harder time getting pregnant than ever before. This could be because women are now waiting longer to have children; or it could be a result of the increase in environmental toxins, consumption of processed foods, celiac disease, and obesity, not to mention the constant pressure of the always-on digital world in which we live. In all likelihood, women are struggling to conceive due to the confluence of all of these factors.

With BE FRUITFUL: The Essential Guide to Maximizing Fertility and Giving Birth to a Healthy Child, nationally-recognized expert on women¡¦s health and the Executive Director of the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine Victoria Maizes, M.D. offers an integrative and hands-on approach to getting pregnant, having a happy and healthy pregnancy and delivering a healthy child.

Dr. Maizes specialty has been audiences on integrative medical education, women’s health, healthy aging, nutrition, and cancer.  Some simple ways to increase fertility tips; Age Matters, Don’t Stop Eating Fish, Ditch the Junk Food, Take Folic Acid,  Exercise, but not TOO much, Make your home green, Be particular about containers and STAY CALM are all a part of Dr. Maizes education.

Victoria Maizes, M.D., is executive director of the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine and a professor of medicine, family medicine, and public health at the University of Arizona. An internationally recognized leader in integrative medicine, Dr. Maizes lectures worldwide to academic and community audiences on women¡¦s health, aging, nutrition, and cancer. The co-editor of Integrative Women’s Health, the 2012 Oxford University Press textbook, she was named one of the world’s intelligent optimists in 2009.


This Milk Has Muscle!

Truly an amazing tasting protein shake, with fewer calories than most.   Muscle Milk® and Muscle Milk® Light with a Peach Mango flavor ready-to-drink bottles is a great workout recovery drink.  A naturally flavored and sweetened with stevia, monk fruit and cane sugar drink that’s earned Ready-to-Drink Beverage of the Year by bodybuilding.com, Best Functional Beverage and Beverage of the Year by BevNet and Company of the Year by Beverage Forum, presented by Beverage Marketing Corporation and Beverage World.

Muscle Milk Light Peach Mango contains 20g of premium protein, 7g of fiber and is lactose and gluten free. With only 190 calories and 4.5 g of fat, the protein-enhanced beverage helps promote sustained energy, lean muscle growth and recovery from exercise.  It also makes a great on-the-go snack or meal replacement for health-conscious consumers who are trying to balance an active lifestyle.

“We receive a lot of great feedback about our Muscle Milk Light beverages because they appeal to consumers who still want an amazing protein shake with fewer calories,” said CytoSport Chief Marketing Officer Nikki Brown.  “We’re excited to provide a naturally-flavored option for our consumers to incorporate into their post-workout recovery or daily snack routines.”

Muscle Milk seems to be life’s balance for an active lifestyle.

Health & Beauty Benefits of Juicing

Juicing fruits and vegetables has become one of the most popular trends in the raw and natural living movements. However, many are still unaware of the everyday benefits of juicing.  The Omega Vert VRT350 Juicer is a productive and auto cleaning way to make you a pro at juicing.

Whether it’s detoxifying your system to support a healthy liver or consuming nutrients to grow the strong nails you’ve always wanted, juicing raw fruits and vegetables can be beneficial for various parts of the body, serving as a full body rejuvenator.

1)      LIVER: The main function of the liver is to clean out toxins in the body, but what if your liver has too many toxins within itself? Cleansing of the liver with fruits and vegetables in liquid form can reduce toxins. Green drinks made with Spinach, Zucchini, Kale and Cucumbers can support liver function;

2)      EYES: Vitamins and antioxidants help to maintain healthy eyes. Lack of vitamin A can cause poor vision. Juicing carrots (packed with Vitamin A) and  berries (loaded with antioxidants) are a good start to preserving the health of your eyes;

3)      NAILS: No one likes chipped and split nails. Vitamins and minerals found in carrot juice can help. Carrots are high in zinc, iron, vitamin A and calcium – all of which contribute to healthy nails;

4)      HAIR: Everyone wants a head of beautiful tresses. Vitamins C and E are essential for enhanced hair growth. Greens such as spinach, collards and turnips are rich in vitamin E. Citrus fruits such as lemons, limes and grapefruits can improve circulation to the scalp;

5)      HEART: High cholesterol can clog the arteries, constricting of the blood flow to the heart. A plant based diet (fruits, vegetables and even herbs) can help regulate circulation. Apples, Cranberries, Grapefruit, Avocado, Broccoli and Celery can help support heart health and herbs such as cayenne pepper can help with blood circulation.

Juice, juice, juice…anytime, anyday!

PAN Healthy!

Keep the food you eat, from eating you.

How many pans have you tossed out, in fear that they’re just not good for your health to cook on?

Here’s a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to unsafe nonstick Teflon cookware, WearEver’s Pure Living 12” Fry Pan is free of harmful chemicals including PTOA, PTFE, and cadmium, which are linked to certain cancers and childhood diseases.

Unlike most nonstick cookware, Pure Living pan is American made and coated with a clean, durable, scratch proof ceramic coating, containing an aluminum base for even heat redistribution.

The fry pan is high heat resistant, oven safe to 750°, and is great for professional level searing and deglazing of foods, not to mention its recyclable!

Which would go best in your kitchen, stylish champagne or red?  This style could just save you from worry…the pans are available for purchase at Walmart.com.

Keep Chewing, Suppress Appetite

To think that a couple of pieces of gum prior to meals would control food intake is novel and a very innovative idea, especially when you’ve heard, chewing gum makes you hungry.  In this case, the idea with the correct ingredients, became a supplement.

FITGUM® is an innovative and convenient way to help manage a sensible and healthy lifestyle, along with proper eating habits and off course exercise.

Chewing to suppress appetite!  A dietary chewing gum containing Green Tea, Hawthorn Berry, Citrus Extract, Black Pepper, Chromium Polynicotinate that helps Suppress appetite, elevate metabolism and regulate blood sugar levels to support fat oxidation is a sure pocket or pocketbook throw in.  Very convenient!

Invented by Joe Antouri, a certified Nutrition Specialist, a World class athlete, a former MR.USA, a Private Personal Trainer to executives and stars, and the president of the Personal Trainers Association, a World wide organization managed by professional athletes educating and certifying personal trainers and nutrition specialists®.  

The Wonders Of SeabuckWonders

Consumers are actively seeking out sea buckthorn berry products that offer healing power from the inside out. Dr. Oz nicknamed it the “miracle berry” because of the innumerable internal health-boosting benefits and the many topical benefits for skin, hair and nails.

100% Organic Certified Sea Buckthorn Oils and Supplements naturally bursting with all the Omegas (3, 6, and 9) AND containing the highest natural concentration of the rare Omega-7.

The most critical element of SeabuckWonders’  is the 100% Organic Certified sea buckthorn oil that ALL of their products are derived from.



by Gini Graham Scott, PhD


            What if you could live forever?  What if your cells could repair themselves instead of dying or no longer dividing?  What if you could overcome age-related illnesses, such as diabetes or heart disease?

Throughout history, humans have been looking for an elixir to prolong life and escape death.  Now a new breakthrough in cell biology has brought scientists closer than ever to finding a cure for age-related diseases and prolonging cell life, according to a February 15, 2010 article “Scientists Discover the Secrets of Aging” by Clive Cookson in the Financial Times.[i] Although the scientists caution that they have not yet found an elixir for eternal life and may not in the foreseeable future, their discovery promises a much longer life, which brings us closer than ever to that eternal elixir.  So even if you can’t find another body to maintain the youthful you, you might be able to revitalize your own body, as their breakthrough suggests.

Exactly what is this breakthrough?  Simply this.  An international team of scientists based atNewcastleUniversityinEnglandand includingUniversityofUlmscientists inGermanyinvestigated why cells age, leading them to slow or shut down.  The cells no longer divide, and whatever tissues they create don’t function very well – so your skin might wrinkle or your heart might have trouble pumping.  The scientists used a combination of approaches, including computer modeling, cell culture experiments, and genetically modified mice, to see what happens when cells age.

Though their findings published in the Journal of Molecular Systems Biology are complicated, basically what they discovered is that as we age, the “wear and tear” of everyday life damages the DNA in each cell.  When the aging cell detects this damage, it sends out an internal chemical signal as a sign of distress.  Then, this signal leads the mitochondria, the tiny membrane-enclosed organelles which supply cellular energy, to make oxidizing free radical molecules.  These molecules then send the cell a signal to destroy itself or stop dividing, so the damaged DNA won’t result in cells that cause cancer.

This approach is quite different than the one that many scientists have pursued where they have focused on the ends of the human chromosomes, called “telomeres,” which become gradually shorter as humans age.   Instead, these scientists have looked at how to keep the cells from aging, and how to prevent these revitalized cells from turning into cancer.  Among other things, this breakthrough discovery on DNA aging enables scientists to come up with better drugs for any diseases associated with age, through rejuvenating these cells.

That’s a breakthrough with the potential to completely change our society. Here’s how.  Within a few years, at the rate science is progressing, we should have new drugs that will fight these end of life diseases, leading people to live still longer.  Then, what if scientists can repair the DNA in aging cells?  Or what if they can prevent the mitochondria from making the free radical molecules, or if they can stop these free radicals from telling the cells to self-destruct or stop dividing without producing cancer?  In short, now that scientists know the path that aging cells take, they can intervene at various points along the path to slow down or stop the effects of aging.

As they do, consider the possibilities.   As people get older, they may no longer need the many beauty products or surgeries designed to cover up the signs of aging, such as wrinkled skin, since these signs of aging will disappear. Dating will undergo a major revolution, too, since older people will no longer look their age and will have the energy they used to have to participate in all kinds of fast and strenuous activities, from hiking and mountain climbing to bungee jumping, that are usually the province of the young.

Then, too, people won’t need to slow down or end their careers as they approach the usual retirement age in their 60s and older.  Instead, older adults will have the energy to keep going and going and going – like the Energizer Bunny.  And that’ll mean less of a problem for Social Security and Medicare, because more older people will be working and fewer will retire or have medical problems.  Young adults will be relieved, too, that they no longer have to care for aging and infirm parents; in fact, nursing home and hospital populations should experience a big decline.

But there is one big problem for the younger generation, because they may find their path blocked by all the fit and healthy older people who are not leaving their jobs.  And many health care and medical workers may be out of work, because there will be less need for their services.

But to look on the bright side, maybe everyone put out of work by the new Age Revolution (not the “New Age” Revolution!) might be able to find new niches that lead to new jobs, such as social clubs and cruises for seniors.  The development of new niches is exactly what happens with every new technological breakthrough that closes down outmoded ways of and opens up new opportunities.

So I say, bring it on.  As a member of this older Baby Boomer generation, this discovery about aging is certainly a breakthrough I can embrace.

Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D. is the author of over 50 books with major publishers and has published 30 books through her own company Changemakers Publishing and Writing. She writes books and proposals for clients, and has written and produced over 50 short videos through her company Changemakers Productions. Besides Living in Limbo, her latest books include: The Complete Guide to Writing, Producing, and Directing a Low-Budget Short Film and Working With People With Disabilities.


[i] Clive Cookson, “Scientists Discover the Secret of Ageing,” 15 Feb. 2010, Financial Times, 15 Feb. 2010 <htpp://www.ft.com/cms/s/436a39a0-1a6e-11df-a2e3-00144feab49a…>

Healthy Eating & Good Taste!

Would you think that having Almond Flour Waffles for breakfast, French Onion Soup for lunch, Tomato Bruschetta for a snack, Ragu Bolognese for dinner and cap it off with some French Vanilla Ice Cream would be healthy?

Apparently so, according to Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), which restricts the use of complex carbohydrates and eliminates refined sugar, grains, and starch.  People with incurable digestive problems don’t have to compromise on taste with some delicious recipes.

Cooking for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, color book has over 100 recipes geared to those sensitive to particular foods.

“Our society is now closely scrutinizing where our food comes from and what’s in it,” says author Erica Kerwien. “There is a proliferation of diets that exclude processed foods, grains, dairy, and/or sugar. No two people are genetically the same, so it makes perfect sense that each person should eat food that works best for his or her body.”


Dietary Supplement News (DSN) is an online publication featuring topics and in-depth feature articles and reviews in a particular subject area of the dietary supplement, beauty, health and wellness industry.