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Nighttime is Snack Time!

How many times have you told yourself not to eat past a certain time of night but just need a little something to satisfy your crave?  We’ll if you’re going to go for something sweet, might as well be something a bit more on the healthy side.

There’s nothing like that after dinner dessert or snack as an extra suggestion when you want something sweet like ice cream or cookies. Not a bad deal here: https://www.nightfood.com/

Not to pick these ingredients apart as we all have our own weight maintenance program, but just look them over carefully to make sure they will work for your system dk-apotek.com.  They certainly are tasty!


Don’t forget to brush good after them too!

Just Add Trader Joe’s!

Sometimes getting your diet on track can lead you to some interesting methods.

Start off with a little pep talk, add a pinch of motivation and education then throw in some goals and include some of the recipe’s in “Livin’ Lean with Trader Joe’s®” and you could be off to a great start.  You can certainly keep it going with over 150 pages of breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas.  From a slow cooker to a quick wrap, Jamie Davidson, M.S. has compiled recipes to share, that can show you how to deliciously reduce fat and calories…and we’re talkin’ Butternut Squash & Peanut Butter Soup!

Could this be your 2014 Diet Jambalaya resolution?

Burn Baby Burn!

Burn Baby Burn…drink Celsius to burn up to 100 calories or more per serving. Celsius is scientifically shown to rev metabolism, burn calories and tastes great.

The calorie burning energy drink is packed with vitamins and provides a boost of energy while leaving behind the calories and expected jitters that soda and coffee bring. Available in 7 refreshing flavors at GNC, Vitamin Shoppe and area retailers.

Check out the new website: www.celsius.com