Hemp Your Pets!

Canbiola's Hemp Drops for Pets is a proprietary formula containing pure CBD blend made from all-natural ingredients and is THC free and non-GMO. Owners, follow this and your pets will be happy you did! Directions: Shake well before use. As a supplement, mix into food once or twice daily, or as directed by your veterinarian. The recommended serving size is 5 drops for pets up to 25lbs, 10 to 15 drops for 26-50lbs, and 15 to 30 drops for pets over 50lbs. To preserve freshness, store away from heat, light and humidity.

Ingredients: Pure Hemp Extract (99% CBD), *Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil), ^Coconut Medium-Chain- Triglyceride (MCT) Oil, *Natural Vegetable Glycerin, *Natural Propylene Glycol, *Vanilla Planifolia (Vanilla) Extract.
(*) Denotes a Certified Organic Ingredient. (^) Denotes an Ecocert Approved Ingredient.

All Canbiola Products are Tested by Independent Laboratories and Contain Zero THC.

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Canbiola CryoGel Gold’s proprietary formula contains Arnica, Menthol and Camphor; is a fast-drying, lightweight, easy to apply roll-on that may be used every day on non-sensitive areas of the body. Canbiola’s CryoGel’s pure CBD blend is made from all-natural ingredients is THC free and non-GMO. This will soon become a favorite in your daily routine.

Directions: For Topical Use Only. Use it three or four times daily or as needed. Apply liberally to desired areas avoiding eyes, nose, mouth, and other sensitive areas. Do not take if pregnant or lactating.

Ingredients: Pure Hemp Extract (99% CBD)* with 3% Mentha Arvensis (Menthol) Crystals*, 3% Cinnamomum Camphora (Camphor) Extract*, Pure Distilled Water, Arnica Montana (Arnica) Extract* Konjac Root (Glucomannan) Extract*, 99% Isopropyl Alcohol^ and Radish Root (preservative)^. (*) denotes a certified organic ingredient. (^) denotes an ECOCERT approved ingredient.

All Canbiola Products are Tested by Independent Laboratories and Contain Zero THC

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It Doesn't Get Any Better Than CACAO!

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than CACAO!

CACAO/Chocolate Superfood

Instant Energizing & Delicious Powdered Whole Food Superfood Mix. Goji Berry, Raw Cacao, Maca, Lecithin, Chia Seed, Flaxseed, Green Tea, Yerba Mate, Pea Protein, Banana & Vegan Probiotics. nonGMO, Vegan, Gluten Free High Content Raw Superfoods.

The mix is a versatile powdered mix that all you need is to add water, almond milk, a smoothie or your favorite beverage.


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A Little LoSalt With Your Pepper!

With nearly 1 in 3 adults diagnosed with high blood pressure, it is more than ever that American’s need to start making healthier decisions in order to lower high blood pressure. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and The American Heart Association call it the “silent killer.” 5 ways Americans can decrease high blood pressure […]

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Ideal Diet!

Everyone that’s dieting, looks for a weight loss method that focuses on their health as well. A concept that teaches people proper portion control and smart snack choices is Ideal. A weight program with your health that offers a simple solution to weight loss goals. The structured weight loss plan includes healthy meal options, while […]

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Slimmer, Trimmer

Seems like we’re all looking for that tasty diet to help keep weight off and that has a balance of nutrition. Whether to incorporate into other recipes from other sources or to use as your daily cooking reference, the new Mediterranean Diet could be right for you. Keeping slim and eating properly is a common […]

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Iceland Glacier Water SNO™ Gets DSN’s Highest Rating

If nitrates are one supplement you’d rather do without in your drinking water, consider licking a 20,000-year-old Icelandic glacier for the ultimate pure water. Actually, you don’t have to go all the way to Iceland to lick a glacier.  One is coming soon to a neighborhood supermarket near you.  It’s in a gorgeous bottle and it’s called […]

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Enjoy Soy!

If your snacking downfall is that you usually reach for calorie-laden convenience foods or don’t have healthful treats readily available, there’s good news as well as good eating in your future.  Love Your Health® brand SoyMix is as convenient as it is craveable, and just may become your new favorite snack. At only 120 calories […]

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Lift Your Food Down!

Dieting is… HARD! by Shauna Dolan You sit down with your family at dinner time, with not so healthy dinner favorites and your only thought is: “I am going to have a rough workout ahead of me after I eat all of this food.” Well, now that thought doesn’t have to taunt you as you […]

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Getting Pregnant, Processed Foods, Environmental Toxins…Oh My!

Could it be that women today are having a harder time getting pregnant because of environmental toxins or consumption of processed foods? Recognized expert on women’s health and the Executive Director of the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine Victoria Maizes, M.D. offers an integrative and hands-on approach to getting pregnant, having a happy […]

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This Milk Has Muscle!

Truly an amazing tasting protein shake, with fewer calories than most.   Muscle Milk® and Muscle Milk® Light with a Peach Mango flavor ready-to-drink bottles is a great workout recovery drink.  A naturally flavored and sweetened with stevia, monk fruit and cane sugar drink that’s earned Ready-to-Drink Beverage of the Year by, Best Functional Beverage and […]

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Health & Beauty Benefits of Juicing

Juicing fruits and vegetables has become one of the most popular trends in the raw and natural living movements. However, many are still unaware of the everyday benefits of juicing.  The Omega Vert VRT350 Juicer is a productive and auto cleaning way to make you a pro at juicing. Whether it’s detoxifying your system to support […]

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PAN Healthy!

Keep the food you eat, from eating you. How many pans have you tossed out, in fear that they’re just not good for your health to cook on? Here’s a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to unsafe nonstick Teflon cookware, WearEver’s Pure Living 12” Fry Pan is free of harmful chemicals including PTOA, PTFE, and cadmium, […]

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