Let’s Do The Bump!

Is that the baby in your belly or are you feelin’ a kick of Bump Sparkle?!

For all those pregnant mothers to be out there–Let us tell you about Bump Sparkle, the perfect light drink with only 10 calories! This bottle of sweetness is a carbonated flavored water beverage, and is a healthy start for any mother. This beverage contains folic acid, a key ingredient to giving your baby the best start possible, as it ensures healthy growth. There are a variety of flavors offered, but my personal favorite is Lemonade!  As I took my first sip, I noticed that you could really taste the natural lemon flavor. When I put my drink down, I had a warm sense of relief that I was not only quenching my taste buds, but also feeding my child’s health. This is definitely a drink to keep your eye out for.

We forgot to mention it contains the most essential ingredient…LOVE!

Written by Suzanne Polakoff & Laurel Hennessy

Coco Loco!

We all go “loco” for Coco, especially when it gives you energy…naturally!

CocoMadness lets you chew your way to an energy boost.  It’s all-Natural, tastes delicious and provides some vital nutrients.  A real plus is being low in sugar and calories (20 calories per serving – 6 chewables per serving) .

CocoMadness, a Defense Nutrition product, uses premium organic cocoa to create a natural energy boost while delivering metabolic enhancing nutrients and an authentic chocolate taste.  A natural boost of energy with increased muscle and brain functionality.

“We developed CocoMadness to feature cocoa in its purest healthiest form,” says Ori Hofmkeler, Founder of Defense Nutrition and author of “The Warrior Diet”.  “People can try CocoMadness right before they exercise, during a long drive or while studying.  Some people have it as soon as they get up in the morning because it provides an instant, healthy energy boost. It also tastes great.”

So, chew away and get into the madness!

Fuel Up!

Growing up as a dancer, I used to run straight from school to hours of rehearsal and would often just grab what was quick. There may or may not have been a short time period where I skipped multiple dinners each week purely because I didn’t have time. Though I rarely resorted to the fast foods we are so often warned about, my nutrition routine clearly had room for improvement. I wish I could go back in time and give my parents this book!

Are Your Kids Running On Empty? is jam-packed with valuable and interesting information, including everything from how to entice kids to eat their veggies – they’re always veggies, not vegetables – to the science behind everything that makes up what we eat. I particularly liked reading about how different foods fuel different parts of our body, and I know parents will too. I think my favorite part of this book, though, is how it makes these lifestyle changes so appealing and most importantly, attainable. By being so comprehensive, authors Ellen Briggs and Sally Byrd, N.D. do all the hard work and research for you, so you can just focus on implementing the techniques and reaping their rewards.

This awesome book is all about the simple, small steps that end up making a huge difference in how kids feel and perform on the field, on stage, and in the classroom. I promise, your kids will thank you later!

Written by Sydney Juliano

We’ve Found the Solution!

Transforming the teachings he learned under the mentorship of the late Dr. Robert Atkins, Dr. John P. Salerno delivers the traditional Atkins diet in a way that is accessible, adaptable and easy to follow. Salerno’s take on Atkins is perfectly suited for the modern, health conscious reader. Fight Fat With Fat offers a guided step-by-step plan to help you eat well, not only to lose weight—but to feel great, without endlessly counting calories! The book includes simple-ingredient recipes that the whole family can enjoy—no “special” meals—including decadent desserts! The short and to-the-point patient testimonials prove that low-carb, nutritious diets really work!

In The Salerno Solution, Salerno offers a more in-depth guide to nutrition, food, and what our bodies need to remain healthy and fit—for those looking to understand the complexities of how food affects our health and weight. Salerno’s book is informative without sounding like a dull textbook on nutrition. The book is packed with tips not only on how to maintain a healthy weight, but to prevent heart disease, cancer, and stroke with the power of a healthy diet. The extensive glossary lets you flip to the exact passage you want more information on, and provides all of Dr. Salerno’s sources, for further reading.

Dr. John P. Salerno’s books are both essential for anyone looking for “a lifetime of health!”

Written by Amy Coker

Pit Fit!

Love the name!  It suits this free of harmful aluminum and parabens pit paste.  Primal Pit Paste to be exact (www.primalpitpaste.com).  The natural fragrances that makes your armpits smell delicious? Yes, had to say it!  How could I not with these scents; Thyme & Lemongrass, Lavender and Orange Creamsicle.  They do carry unscented, but why would you pass those up.

The ingredients are pretty simple and healthy and include Organic Coconut Oil; Organic, Raw Grade A Shea Butter;  Non-Aluminum Baking Soda and Organic Arrowroot Powder.

Getting out of the pit, they also carry lip balm, body powder and body whip (lotion). Definitely add these to your gift shopping list!

Inside Out!

Clear Skin Detox Diet by Lauren Talbot, CN is put together with great thought and study because of the unique categories she takes into consideration.  A rundown of your “daily routine” is a terrific way to keep track of your skin, but even more important, what to do when you are out and about! There’s many suggestions for ordering at restaurants and alternative suggestions and combinations that will help keep you looking and feeling great from the inside out.

If you decide to give this book a try, thumb over to Chapter 5 on “Supplemental Practices” where she mentions that they are NOT “one size fits all!”  Aligning appropriately is important.  This is a great book for some information you might not have thought of and might just make sense to help you along for better skin.  Don’t give into those cravings either, just flip to that section and read up!

Gluten-ury Century

I can’t think of a nicer way to walk in the door from work and the aroma of a crock pot meal not only filling the house, but it’s healthy and ready to eat!  This kitchen gem is filled with 6 hour and 8 hour cook plans for the crock, so weekend or not, you can find something in Judith Finlayson’s “The Healthy Slow Cooker” second edition. 

It’s packed with easy to read and follow recipes, color images, detailed descriptions and an added plus are “Mindful Morsels” which are some suggestions of what to add.  There’s also over 135 Gluten-Free recipes and then some recipes that have a Vegan Alternative.  Just flip through, pick something and you’ll enjoy creating your healthy meal and find yourself learning about what you are eating in the Natural Wonders section.

Enhance The Flavor!

1649 to present day, they have to be doing something right…quality!

Brew it slow, might just be the key to these healthy and delicious products; Marukan Soy Dressing, Rice Vinegar & Sudachi Marinade that enhance so many meals we eat.

Whether it’s Chicken, Fish, Beef or your salad, the fine authentic rice vinegar enhances the natural flavors. Most stores that carry these delicious dressings and marinades will have it in a specialty Asian Food Section or wherever fine vinegars are sold, so be on the look out.

You should also know that when you visit their website; www.marukan-usa.com, you can see their long history of events such as becoming certified Organic, Non-GMO verified and yes, Kosher Certified. They also provide some very healthy recipes.

It’s fit for the Imperial Palace, I’m sure your home will enjoy it to!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s SUPERFOOD!

Take charge, take a quiz, count calories, buy a juicer!

Do it all with The 2-Day Superfood Cleanse book by Robin Westen.  There’s healthy recipes inside that are easy, quick prep time and a step program to positive thinking as well as suggestions like; Keep A Journal, Temptations, Meditation and many more common sense topics.

Use this book as a handbook and with a pinch of discovery and a dash of willpower, you’ll be on your way to healthier and happier living.

Make a plan, with the help of Robin Westen and keep on track with your plan and if you go off the rails a bit, it’s okay, don’t panic, embrace where you are with your plans.  Then try flipping through The 2-Day Superfood Cleanse and maybe flip over to page 119 and do as Ben Franklin did, rise early and start a new day; healthy, wealthy and wise!

You Need a Plan!

It’s good to have some essentials for staying healthy as part of a plan!

The New York Times No. 1 bestseller, “The Daniel Plan,” is co-authored by Pastor Rick Warren, Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Mark Hyman and details a healthy lifestyle program based on five essential principles of food, fitness, focus, faith and friends. 

The program was developed and originated at Warren’s Saddleback Church in 2011 and within the first year more than 15,000 church members collectively lost more than 250,000 pounds while experiencing decreases in health issues and stress and increases in spiritual growth and energy.

The Daniel Plan is not a diet, but rather a new way to live.  As a companion to the book, the authors joined with The Daniel Plan Signature Chefs, Sally Cameron, Jenny Ross and Robert Sturm to release “The Daniel Plan Cookbook,” which provides delicious, healthy recipes that are packed with benefits for one’s body.

Written by Kristin U. Cole

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