Chaga, Chaga, Shroom!

I think I can, I think I can…feel great with some of the world’s best secret and superfood; an antioxidant treat in nondairy, plain and creamy Chunks.  A functional raw food that is sweetened with raw honey, vitamins, protein and fiber.  When you think about where it comes from, nature, and the wild source of minerals, it truly is a biological force.  Think about a mighty oak tree, and having some of those very nutrients that keep that tree growing for generations and you can munch on some ChagaChunks and feel mighty.

How do you top feeling mighty, with an immune boost ChagaMax.


How about a spot of tea?  Tea time with ChagaBlack that is loaded with Vitamins, antioxidants, wild rose hips and more of our strong nature, birch bark. The flavor is a burst of wild forest with every sip.  Makes for a great coffee substitute if you can make that first step!

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For more information about Chaga Mushrooms, view this incredible video hosted by  
Health Expert, Bryce Wylde

TCBY Smooth!

TCBY’s fro-yos are creamy, tasteful and delicious. If I had to give it a star rating, it would be five stars. The new Silk Vanilla Almond flavor is delightful. The hint of almonds with vanilla makes a great combination, but adding a few toppings such as almonds, hints of chocolate, and strawberries makes it amazing.

The portion of one cup is large enough to share, if you are willing to, or to feel completely satisfied if you don’t share. Service was very friendly and kind enough to guide me through the flavors and toppings they had so that I could get the most out of my experience with fro-yos at TCBY. They got me hooked with the Silk Vanilla Almond flavor, which marks the difference from almost any other frozen yogurt shop. I will definitely be back for more!

Written & Reviewed by Betsy Badell

Allergist Wishes on Valentine’s Day!

Dr. Clifford Bassett, leading NYC allergist wishes everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Candy can often be colored by artificial dyes so make sure to read the labels carefully. In rare instances foods with certain red colored dyes (i.e. laden with red dye # 40) can cause an allergic reaction.  Try naturally colored and flavored to be safe.

  • Other candies that are colored red may be composed of carmine, a red dye from crushed beetles and has been shown rarely in some studies to cause a variety of allergic reactions.  You want to try to avoid seeing this name on your labels.
  • Chewy candies may contain gelatin that makes the texture we taste in many gummy candies.  Gelatin is actually sourced from various body parts of cows and pigs, so those with meat allergies need to be aware.
  • Certain sweets, candies and snacks may be labeled food glaze or confectioner’s glaze, which provide a shiny consistency seen in jelly beans and even candy corn.  This can be made from certain insects (when it is labeled as “shellac”) as well as beeswax.
  • Cookies, pies, and cakes may often contain milk, flour, nuts, egg and chewing gum base.  Chewing gum may also at times contain casein, a cow’s milk protein.  Egg coating often imparts a shiny appearance on many bakery or dessert items. Always ask for a list of ingredients if you are sensitive to milk, wheat, egg, soy and nuts before your next bite.

Lastly if you have had unpleasant, possibly allergic reactions to wine, you may be sulfite-sensitive so look for sulfite-free variety wine!

Kidney Cleanse!

Cleansing has arisen as one of the latest trends, not only in the world of diets, but health in general. Cleanses have been developed for different organs, but none have been properly developed for one’s kidneys. The kidneys are essential to the body because they carry out the function of removing waste products from the blood and regulating the water fluid levels. Many people tend to overlook their kidneys as a vital organ until something is seriously wrong with them. In her book “The Miracle Kidney Cleanse,” Lauren Felts explains that  once she after she started addressing the kidney holistically, the rest of her body system began to fall into place and chronic symptoms started to reverse themselves, and so many of the nasty ailments that seem to plague many of us dissipated

“The Miracle Kidney Cleanse” is different than other approaches because it integrates both Western and Eastern methods of medical practice that find true health resolutions. The cleanse is very gentle and has been designed to work with all body types and health states. Lauren Felt’s book  gives step-by-step instructions and recommendations that are very easy to follow. “The Miracle Kidney Cleanse” includes the kidney cleanse food plan, designed to last for 28 days.  The all-natural, food-based cleansing techniques will help your body increase its ability to detoxify itself. Additionally, for those who want a more permanent healthy change, the author has added lifestyle practices to accompany the cleanse.  “The world is changing, becoming more toxic, and the human body, as miraculous and fined-tuned as it is, was just not built for this type of this environment,” Lauren Felts says. We all need to take care of our bodies. This book can be used whether you are suffering from a chronic disease or are in perfect health. So if you want to feel healthy overall, this cleanse is for you!

By Akunna Ibe

Smooth Cleansing!

With the power of leafy greens, cleanse your body in a healthy way that doesn’t leave you hungry or unsatisfied. “Green Smoothie Cleanse” is a step by step program that maximizes the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants into easy to drink shakes that also taste great too! Spinach and Chocolate or Mustard Greens Curry are delicious alternatives to plain and boring vegetables.

If you are looking for a transformation, “Green Smoothie Cleanse” will provide you with “superfoods” that will make eating healthier a true pleasure. It will encourage weight loss, detox, clearer skin, stronger immunities and an increase in energy that is noticeable throughout the day. Go out and get your copy in book stores today!

by Nicholas Messina

Surviving Ovarian Cancer

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow.  If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living. –Gail Sheehy

Betsy Horn shares an encouraging story of reflection, rebirth, forgiveness and wellness in her book “A Little Touch of Cancer and How it Made Me Well.” The story is based on her personal life experiences and how surviving ovarian cancer lead her to understand that to be completely healthy she needed to make positive changes in her life.

Betsy shares how Traditional Chinese Medicine helped her better understand the connection between the body, mind and spirit and how to apply that knowledge to bloom into a healthier woman.  After moving from her cosmopolitan life in Manhattan to the more peaceful countryside, Betsy had more time to truly sit and reflect on her life.  She came to recognize that letting go of a traumatic past through forgiveness was essential to turn negative feelings into positive ones for a healthier mind and spirit. She also gives insight to different therapies and techniques of holistic medicine that transformed her life for better. “I had become an elder, gaining wisdom and a richer approach to living, as well as a stronger sense of my own identity” (Betsy Horn).

In a portion of the book called, “Betsy’s Toolbox,” she offers detailed information on her health routines, how they work and why they work cialis pris. Some of her methods include:

  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Health and Wellness Support Team
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Meditation
  • Emotions and Homeostatic Balance
  • Exercise
  • Life Balance
  • Yoga

For more details on Betsy Horn’s book or on the techniques she uses to maintain a healthier body, mind and spirit you may visit her website,

Written by: Betsy Badell

*Also enjoy one of Betsy Horn’s recipes:

World’s Best Smoothie Recipe

The world’s best smoothie is a moveable feast, if it is as organic and natural as possible! Many people don’t have the time to prepare the fabulous five portions of veggies necessary each day for health but this recipe does the trick!

1 Scoop Gruvolo’s Premium Greens (24 cal.) – Equivalent to 6 portions

1 Packet Eveliza/Alen, an organic, cereal compound (60 cal.), 5 grams protein, or other protein powder

½ avocado

½ banana

1 apple or pear, blueberries (whatever is in the kitchen)

1 small handful of nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews, pignoli*)

1-2 cups ‘good’ water, unsweetened almond, soy or hemp milk

1 scoop chia seeds

1 tbsp. Udo’s evening primrose or favorite oil (optional)

1 scoop spirulina powder

1 shake each of cinnamon and/or turmeric

1 dropper green tea extract

1 dropper Wellness Herbal Resistance Extract from Source Natural

1 dropper Sea Buckthorn Oil

1 drop grapefruit seed extract**


Place all ingredients into blender (I love the Vita Mix’s power, as it doesn’t strip the ingredients of texture) and let it rip!

A Cleanse; Just for YOU!

Do we really need a colon cleanse? Isn’t the human body perfectly capable of filtering out impurities?

Well, according to leading health professionals an internal cleanse is now essential for optimum health.

“It is very necessary because our world is so toxic. We are ingesting, breathing, and coming into contact externally with toxins all day long and there are more environmental toxins then there has ever been and it’s growing,” says Dr. Tom Ziegler, a pharmacist at the Medicap Pharmacy in Ashburn, VA. “We need to do a cleanse to rid the body of those toxins.”

But let’s not assume that one size fits all. Because men and women have different physiological and nutritional needs, when it comes to internal cleanses there are different requirements for men and women.

For instance, companies like Yerba Prima are including Chaste-tree berry extract, the fruit of a small tree native to Central Asia which has been used for thousands of years to ease menstrual-related issues in women.

In addition, using a cleanse with both psyllium and bentonite provides a more complete internal cleansing.  Together psyllium and bentonite can deliver a one-two punch to waste and toxins accumulated along the digestive tract and colon.

On contact with water, psyllium seed husk thickens into a gel-like substance.  This acts like a broom to sweep waste from the colon. Working synergistically with psyllium, bentonite attracts toxins like a magnet binding them together as they move along the body’s digestive tract.


Peter Finkle

Director of Quality Control

Yerba Prima – AnAshland,Ore.based company credited with developing the first internal cleanse

For more info, email [email protected]; visit; or write to Yerba Prima Inc. at 740 Jefferson Ave., Ashland, OR  97520  USA.


Your Body, Yoga-Body

In “The Yoga-Body Cleanse”, Robin Westen guides readers through a life-changing transition, eliminating the unhealthy choices many make on a daily basis.

The book begins with why “cleaning up your act” is necessary, and  what foods to avoid when cleansing your body. Ms. Westen also incorporates a survey into the book, allowing the reader to answer about fifty questions with Never, Occasionally and Frequently. At the end of the section, the reader tallies up their score and Westen provides them with an explanation of what their total means for their toxicity level.

The previous section builds up to the changing of the reader’s lifestyle which Westen begins with Ayurvedics. In short, these are principles that detox a person’s body and leave them feeling rejuvenated. She uses Ayurvedics along with the seven step program illustrated in the next chapter to prepare the reader for the “7-Day Yoga Body Cleanse”.

This “Cleanse” instructs the reader to diet intelligently, eating scrumptious foods with extremely beneficial vitamins and nutrients that strengthen the body and leave it satisfied. Using Yoga along with the dieting tools provided by Westen, the body will be relieved of toxins, endure less stress, and increase mental awareness and performance.

An excerpt from the book; “Partaking in the Yoga-Body Cleanse and renewing your precious self is not a one-time event….Once you’re aware of the toxicity and temptations, and you’ve gained the tools and commitment to change the way you live, a new and beautiful reality opens. Now you’re fully alive.” (Robin Westen)

written by Nicholas Messina

Desserts Cure Obesity: “Sweet Feast Forever”

In 2005 Dr. Robert Schwarazberg advised Chuck Weiss to lose some weight, and so Weiss began counting calories and getting on the scale every morning. His initial weight loss was a huge success, but Weiss found that after his big first loss, the lifestyle of maintaining his weight was actually harder than the original weight loss.

Unwilling to give up sweets, but still dedicated to maintaining his weight, he came up with a new diet concept. Weiss allowed himself to chew sweets, but this time around he wouldn’t swallow, he would spit them right back out.

The new spit-out weight loss regimen worked so well for him that he chose to share it with the world. “You Must Tongue it to believe it,” says Weiss. After his new found weight loss success, he created, which explains the medically approved program that has been successfully tested for more than eight years.

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Just Add Trader Joe’s!

Sometimes getting your diet on track can lead you to some interesting methods.

Start off with a little pep talk, add a pinch of motivation and education then throw in some goals and include some of the recipe’s in “Livin’ Lean with Trader Joe’s®” and you could be off to a great start.  You can certainly keep it going with over 150 pages of breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas.  From a slow cooker to a quick wrap, Jamie Davidson, M.S. has compiled recipes to share, that can show you how to deliciously reduce fat and calories…and we’re talkin’ Butternut Squash & Peanut Butter Soup!

Could this be your 2014 Diet Jambalaya resolution?

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