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Coral Daily Delivers!

You have to feel good about what you are swallowing and running through your digestive track.  Coral LLC® Daily Vitamin D3 Delivers “Sunshine Vitamin” and DietarySupplementNews.com feels good about their Soy Free, Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free above-sea EcoSafe™ Daily Vitamin D3.   Coral LLC® Daily Vitamin D3 delivers 5,000 IUs of D3, 100 mg of bio-available coral calcium, magnesium and 72 other minerals…that’s 75 good Sunshine reasons to go Coral!


Vitamin D is vital to strong bones, teeth, a healthy mood and a robust immune system necessary to ward off disease, yet sun exposure concerns, geographic limitations and a lack of foods containing this beneficial vitamin keep deficiencies on high,” said Jason DeWitt, managing partner of Coral LLC. “Our Daily Vitamin D3 exceeds the daily value of D, and because of its unique coral sourcing, provides a host of other essential minerals complementary to great health.”

*Most supplements should be taken with food, so double check the label.

Superfood Kunachia!

Kunachia® is a superfood blend that combines chia with a probiotic, Chia+Probiotics.   Fabulous!


Kunachia® is an excellent source to sprinkle some health into almost everything your are eating.  Truly a Superfood Blend.  This has Omega-3 Antioxidants and supports  digestive health, bone health and provides protein acheter generique viagra. It doesn’t stop there!  Keep in mind the minerals and calcium.

Here’s some great “seals of approval” on their packaging; certified organic, vegan-friendly, dairy free, gluten free and GMO-free.


Kunachia® combines an ancient superfood and the latest technology to increase health benefits.

The origin is Ecuador from which these blends goes through a strict quality control process from sowing until harvest, cleaning and packaging, avoiding use of pesticides to ensure that the best seeds are distributed and consumed.

Try it in your yogurt or shakes, it’s – again – Fabulous!

Powered by Enzymes!

DietarySupplementNews.com can understand why Enzymedica’s Enzyme NutritionTM Multi-Vitamin was Named Among Top CPG Products for Innovation and Market Impact; it just makes sense.  Our enzymes are working hard, let’s work along with these like miraculous molecules and give our bodies an extra power!



Probiotics is a word being thrown around more and more, so much so, we’re looking for it.  It’s on this bottle, along with other key words for our health; dairy free, soy free, gluten free, certified organic and the infamous NON-GMO!  Working with your food and lifestyle, this is an enhanced deliveryand optimization for all aforementioned.

The Enzymedica supplements are providing major natural chainstores and fine health food stores nationwide.   Their products are made from only the highest quality vegetarian enzymes.

DigestGold GlutenEase DigestSpec

Enzyme Nutrition Multi-vitamins contain enzymes, minerals, probiotics and vitamins in natural form.  This is to ensure that the body recognizes and utilizes the nutrients as whole food, thereby creating a more potent, digestible multi-vitamin; Powered by Enzymes!

These many different formulas support immune function, heart health as well as bone, brain, breast, hormone, hair, skin and nail health, and can also provide an increase in energy and stamina*; they have it covered.





What’s your Matrix DNA?

Break out the blender and add some Mushroom Matrix.  These mixes are a pioneering line of mushroom powders that have been known to boost the immune system, relieve stress, increase sexual pleasure, enhance physical performance and make you glow from the inside out.

With 8 varieties that are 100% organic, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and can be added to any meal or smoothie, it’s a great morning start or boost in the day.

The powder is an antioxidant with vitamin D, amino acids, prebiotics and more.

MM Web Pic

Many mixed blends for each individuals needs.

Zego Where YOU Go!

ZEGO is crowdsourcing recipe development.

ZEGO, the nutrient-rich food company for people who need to be careful about what they eat, does it again.  This time, they are bringing the crowdsourcing to your kitchen. (see link for full information)

The winners will help name the flavor, be featured on the ZEGO website, and receive $500 per recipe chosen for production.  As many as four recipes will be chosen. In addition, up to four runners up will receive $100 each and become part of the tasting team for the new flavors.


Here you can read DietarySupplementNews.com previous review: Zego Where I Go!

Great idea ZEGO!

Gutsy Refluxy!

A great tasting way to soothe that heartburn and acid reflux…it’s just Gutsy really!

Fun looking packaging, great tasting and all-natural chewy supplements that relieve indigestion are Dr. Doug Haghighi hits the fast acting oral supplement right in the gut!  Made with papaya, licorice root and apple cider vinegar, plus magnesium and calcium and are gluten free, lactose free and vegan friendly…score!  Wildberry or citrus flavors, throw a tube in your bag on the go especially when you are dinning out!

Sexy Snacks!

Clean, Lean and Sexy popcorn, pretzels and whole food energy bars are all tasty ways for helping to maintain weight while snacking.  Produced by Peak Health Coach, Suzie Carpenter, because she wanted to create something that was wholesome and guilt free for snacking.

Both equally delicious and satisfying, as well as gluten-free.

CLS CoconutCashewBar_08_07_13_noguides

Consumers can trust that their products will never include gluten, soy or dairy ingredients.  They contain no processed sugars or unnecessary, artificial ingredients of any kind, making them the perfect light, healthy snack option.

Also, they have a whole food energy bar that comes in both Honey Almond and Coconut Cashew flavors.  They are available at select supermarkets and health food stores across the country.  Keep an eye out for these delights!

Gluten-ury Century

I can’t think of a nicer way to walk in the door from work and the aroma of a crock pot meal not only filling the house, but it’s healthy and ready to eat!  This kitchen gem is filled with 6 hour and 8 hour cook plans for the crock, so weekend or not, you can find something in Judith Finlayson’s “The Healthy Slow Cooker” second edition. 

It’s packed with easy to read and follow recipes, color images, detailed descriptions and an added plus are “Mindful Morsels” which are some suggestions of what to add.  There’s also over 135 Gluten-Free recipes and then some recipes that have a Vegan Alternative.  Just flip through, pick something and you’ll enjoy creating your healthy meal and find yourself learning about what you are eating in the Natural Wonders section.

TCBY Smooth!

TCBY’s fro-yos are creamy, tasteful and delicious. If I had to give it a star rating, it would be five stars. The new Silk Vanilla Almond flavor is delightful. The hint of almonds with vanilla makes a great combination, but adding a few toppings such as almonds, hints of chocolate, and strawberries makes it amazing.

The portion of one cup is large enough to share, if you are willing to, or to feel completely satisfied if you don’t share. Service was very friendly and kind enough to guide me through the flavors and toppings they had so that I could get the most out of my experience with fro-yos at TCBY. They got me hooked with the Silk Vanilla Almond flavor, which marks the difference from almost any other frozen yogurt shop. I will definitely be back for more!

Written & Reviewed by Betsy Badell

Just Add Trader Joe’s!

Sometimes getting your diet on track can lead you to some interesting methods.

Start off with a little pep talk, add a pinch of motivation and education then throw in some goals and include some of the recipe’s in “Livin’ Lean with Trader Joe’s®” and you could be off to a great start.  You can certainly keep it going with over 150 pages of breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas.  From a slow cooker to a quick wrap, Jamie Davidson, M.S. has compiled recipes to share, that can show you how to deliciously reduce fat and calories…and we’re talkin’ Butternut Squash & Peanut Butter Soup!

Could this be your 2014 Diet Jambalaya resolution?