Vitamins Alernative!

When was the last time you have fun taking vitamins?

A new alternative to pills and gummies has arrived.  Bringing back memories of pixie sticks and fun dip, a powdered quick dissolving packet consisting of multivitamins is made for those that might like an alternative to swallowing pills or chewing vitamins.  These little bursts flavor and vitamin packets dissolve quickly and even allign with this fast paced world we live in.

Alternavitesimage Alternavitesimagekids


Sprinkle some health into your day with AlternaVites on the go!




Zego Where YOU Go!

ZEGO is crowdsourcing recipe development.

ZEGO, the nutrient-rich food company for people who need to be careful about what they eat, does it again.  This time, they are bringing the crowdsourcing to your kitchen. (see link for full information)

The winners will help name the flavor, be featured on the ZEGO website, and receive $500 per recipe chosen for production.  As many as four recipes will be chosen. In addition, up to four runners up will receive $100 each and become part of the tasting team for the new flavors.


Here you can read previous review: Zego Where I Go!

Great idea ZEGO!

Chew for nutrition!



Is there any special time to pop a Chocolate chew into your mouth?  How about one that is packed with some healthy ingredients?  No and why should there be!  These tasty chews are a good source of vitamins and minerals and made with natural ingredients.

chocolate pb

The little bursts of health are individually-wrapped.  The chews contain real cocoa, making them “tasty chewy.”

Mannatech offers chews in lemon and mixed berry flavors as well. The chocolate flavored chews are available for a limited time, and only while supplies last.  Info on Mannatech PhytoBurst or any of its health and wellness products can be found by visiting



Looks Like Ice; Chips of Flavor

icechipsberrymix icechipscinnamon icechipslemmon icechipslicorice icechipspeppermint icechipsrootbeer


ICE CHIPS!  The pictures come before the story this time!

These fun tins full of sparkling candy that look like ice and have a smooth texture full of flavor will certainly get people chatting.  You’ll think you have a favorite flavor until you try the next one!

Beneficial to your teeth and has an advantage to eating them! The chips contain Birchwood Xylitol which have many benefits ( ) especially when in the candy category!  

These tins of ice chip looking gems, full of taste, are some great candy snacks to chip away at through out your day!

Step by Step Solution

Kimberly A. Tessmer RDN, is a consulting dietitian and an author of Your Nutrition Solution to Inflammation. The book provides the most up to date information on inflammation. Recent studies have shown that long term inflammation is the source of numerous illnesses that can be detrimental to your health.

The book is an easy to follow guide that will give you a brief synopsis of the diseases related to inflammation.



While at the same time, Your Nutrition Solution to Inflammation will give you tips on making lifestyle changes essential to alleviate  inflammation without relying on medication. There are also well organized meal plans included in the book that will help you with choose the best anti-inflammatory food. Tessmer takes on a very nuanced subject and simplifies it in straightforward manner, so you understand the basic premise of inflammation.

Written by Kenson Delva

A Tingling Antidote for Overeating!

A taste pleasing, tingling sensational way to curve your appetite.  These little MealEnders are a blend of flavors that include Chocolate Mint, Mocha, Cinnamon and Citrus flavors.  Perhaps a dessert substitute or to hold you over, either way these little lozengers signal the brain and gives you a sense of control when it comes to overeating.



Easily popped into your pocket, purse or desk drawer, it’s a flavorful way of staying ahead of that second helping or junk food snack.

Everyday Wellness!

The Complete Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Handbook for Everyday Wellness by Nerys Purchon and Lora Cantele immediately sparked my interest as I use essential oils occasionally.  My experience with essential oils at best was limited; using lavender in baths and lemon oil for cleaning.   Today, with the help of this handbook I would consider my knowledge and application of essential oils in daily life to be above average.

The Complete Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Handbook for Everyday Wellness

This is a book you will want to break the sticky notes out for because it is chock-full of important properties, remedies  and everyday care.   My top bookmarked pages, which are now worn and torn is the treatment for headaches, immune system boosters and the hot and cold footbath.  The most valuable part about having a collection of essential oils and a handbook as detailed as The Complete Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Handbook  is that ailments are never planned, and having the correct tools, supplies and knowledge on hand will serve to be as useful as it is reassuring.

Written by Sirena Mazzone

Who Needs More Focus?

Ever feel like your mind just doesn’t feel as “sharp” as you would like? Does you child tend to wander off in thought, not able to stay focused on one thing for more than 5 minutes? FOCUS is here!

Imagine having mental clarity and razor sharp focus every day that feels like a little  “boost for the brain.” And imagine getting a note back from your child’s teacher, “You daughter is concentrating better than ever, keep doing what you’re doing at home!”

Seven+ Premium Focus may improve memory, increase energy levels naturally, increase brain blood flow, increase awareness and alertness and protect the brain from oxidation. Seven+ Premium Focus contains all of the nutritional benefits as our original Seven+ Classic product plus these three extracts which have been studied for their effects on brain health:

  • Yamabushitake
  • Periwinkle and
  • Dokudami extracts

The eXfuze Periwinkle extract really opens up the brain and lets you get focused more easily and quickly.


Why do you need Seven+TM Premium Focus?

With the onslaught of unhealthy food choices, added responsibilities, distractions and conflicting information, it can be overwhelming to keep it all together and get through each day. Fortunately, there is something you can do!

Seven+TM Premium Focus may help you to stay alert and focused and improve your brain function.* Seven+TM Premium Focus contains ingredients that are rich in antioxidants that may protect the body from cellular oxidation.* Phytonutrients work at the cellular level to provide raw materials to the body that can help maintain health.* Seven+TM Premium Focus may be just what you need to help you stay alert and focused so that, at the end of the day, there’s more time for YOU!*

focus bottles
Read more:

Written by

Randy Friedman

President, The Athletic Mindset

Do You Vitamin?

Many Americans find themselves obsessing over the same questions: “What are vitamins?  What vitamins should I be taking?  How much of this vitamin do I need?”  Although our bodies require them, the accepted connotation of vitamins are that they are healthy and therefore cannot be taken incorrectly or in excess.

In “Vitamania”, Catherine Price does the leg work and unveils the myths and misunderstandings behind vitamins, their possible danger and a straightforward path to follow to a healthy, balanced self.

Catherine Price (c) Sara Remington DSN

Catherine Price

Catherine touches many topics including but not limited to children’s vitamins, prenatal vitamin use, regulation within vitamin production, and the tools needed to approach diet supplements with a critical eye.

Written by Sirena Mazzone

Soap Up Homemade Style!

As an Italian, I can never get enough olive oil.  So when I sat down with “The Best Natural Homemade Soaps” by Mar Gòmez and discovered my love of olive oil could reach beyond culinary experiences I was very excited to pick it up and get my hands dirty (or should I say clean!).  Opening with an interesting history of soap, and leading to the needed utensils, I was pleasantly surprised that I already had everything required in my kitchen.


In terms of scent, my favorite recipe I made was the Lemon Soap; nothing wakes you up in the morning like the invigorating smell of lemons.  As someone who struggles with oily skin, the Lemon Soap leaves my skin with a squeaky clean feeling but doesn’t dry my skin out.  Another favorite is the Chamomile Soap, not only for myself but for my hairless dog, Zero as well.  The perfect night soap;  Roman chamomile infusion peeking through hints of ylang-ylang essential oil will relax your senses and calm your skin.  The Best Natural Homemade Soaps takes the guesswork and label reading out of soaps and allows you to experiment and make a soap tailored to your skincare.

Written by Sirena Mazzone

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